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About Cannatol Rx

Cannatol Rx has been developing ground breaking products with organic ingredients since 2010. Our team consists of doctors, botanists, researchers, compounding pharmacists, and other industry professionals that share the common vision of relieving suffering in those affected with severe disease. 


Together we took on the difficult task of developing a product that was formulated with  intensive caregiver feedback on cannabinoid/terpene effective concentrations and ratios. Over several years, our team developed a cannabinoid/terpene intranasal formulation, called CannatolRx Rescue Nasal Spray that has recently been granted a US patent (US10206901B2) entitled, "Method and composition for acute treatment of seizures".  Our patent for an intranasal seizure rescue composition describes  the first cannabinoid-based formulation of its kind in the acute treatment of seizures.   


Because it is not yet FDA approved we cannot make claims that it can be taken for rapid cessation of convulsive seizures, but we are gathering pre-clinical data and planning on working with the FDA and the DEA to allow clinical research on our patented formulation. 


Although the US patent was recently granted (2019) We have had about 3 years since the initial patent filing to refine the production and there are now hundreds of children with intractable epilepsy or autism that have tried CannatolRx in Colorado alone.  We have several new patents pending surrounding various methods of of pharmacological delivery and formulations of Cannabis sativa L. that we hope to test in multiple clinical studies. 

Our production is done in a cGMP facility utilizing cutting edge terpene and cannabinoid extraction methods with the industries’ most advanced equipment.  We adhere to the highest standards of testing and quality control.  


“I look at life and you can be rich and be soulless. Or you can do something that is valuable, impacts humanity and changes the world.” - Jason Cranford

Jason Cranford

Mr. Cranford is the Founder of the Flowering H.O.P.E. Foundation, a Health Care Associate for the Society for Cannabis Clinicians, as well as an expert Botanist that specializes in the organic cultivation of medical grade marijuana and the development of highly medicinal marijuana infused products. He has over 25 plus years of experience in greenhouse and indoor cultivation with successful projects in multiple climates / elevations and is an expert in extractions / infusions, using a variety of solvents and delivery systems.

Working as a licensed general contractor for 20 plus years has also given him a comprehensive knowledge of the intricacies of Grow Room building and design. In 2011, Jason was awarded the CBD Award at the 1st Annual High Times Medical Cannabis Cup held in Denver, CO. For the past 4 years, he has successfully bred and produced a 95% CBD plant that has been verified through two independent labs, and he has developed several CBD rich infused products including Cannatol™ 1:1 and Haleigh’s Hope®. 

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