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Nasal Spray

P450 Proxy

Sublingual Spray

The endocannabinoid system is imbalanced in many neurological conditions, including autism. Cutting edge research validates that organophosphates target crucial enzymes involved in endocannabinoid metabolism. This P450 brain enzyme is responsible for neuropsychiatric homeostasis. This guided our efforts toward the development of P450 Proxy. An easy to use, precisely dosed, organic whole plant spray that incorporates terpenes, to aid in cannabinoid synergy and restoration of cannabinoid tone.

The leading cause of epilepsy-related death is believed to be Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). A seizure can be triggered even on therapeutic levels of pharmaceuticals. We have developed a product that can help stop a grand mal seizure quickly with no side effects. Time is of the essence in these situations and an intranasal spray is a quicker process and delivery method than conventional rectal epilepsy rescue pharmaceuticals that can be embarrassing to administer in public. We incorporated very specific cannabinoid ratios based on extensive research and patient feedback into an extremely fast delivery system. We stand behind our Rescue Intranasal Spray proudly, as it continues to save lives.

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